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We are a Celebrity Marketplace with Streaming Marketing as a premium service.

CELEBRITY MARKETPLACE – Buy & Sell Premium Products & Merchandise from your favorite Celebrities.

We provide an A.I powered marketplace for Artists, DJ’s, Celebrities, and Entertainment Labels to sell their products and merchandise directly to their fans.


STREAMING MARKETING SERVICE – Creating Clout Promo Mixtape Videos, sponsored by your business, for exponential exposure on streaming platforms.

We curate non-royalty music as promotional mixtapes for video/music streaming platforms, which contains marketing materials as graphic slides, to permanently promote your business online for exponential exposure.


We curate all genres of music, according to your exact taste and specification. Some examples of the Music genres we curate for our promo mixtapes are;

  1. Hip Hop
  2. RNB
  3. Rap
  4. Pop
  5. Country
  6. Soul
  7. Electronic
  8. Funk
  9. Classic
  10. Metal
  11. Disco
  12. etc

We only curate music offered by Artists and Labels as Free music or mixtapes, which can be utilized for promo mixtapes by DJ’s, without royalty compensation obligations to the Artists/Labels.

Occasionally, our DJ’s would curate non-free music. In such cases, Artists and Labels are compensated via Advertisement revenues derived/offered by the video/music streaming platforms we utilize, i.e Youtube.

The promo mixtapes are never sold, as they are curated strictly for promotional reasons only. The promo mixtapes are also distributed to the subscriber of the service. The promo mixtapes are always curated, compiled as a promo mixtape video, and published on our selected video/music streaming platforms, i.e Youtube, for promotional consumption by the public.


  1. Subscribe for a monthly plan
  2. We create several marketing ad banners for your business, with High Definition 8K graphic design, and professional copywriting.
  3. One (1) promotional mixtape as a HD 8k video is created by our DJ’s, and your marketing ad banners are used as still graphics for the video.
  4. One (1) promo HD 8K video is published per month to our various music/video streaming platforms, i.e. Youtube, Soundcloud, etc, to be consumed by the public. All published videos are permanently published, and never deleted, to provide constant promotion for your business.


  1. High Definition 8K Graphics used to create all marketing materials, i.e Banners.
  2. Promotional marketing banners for music videos, designed with HD 8K Graphics by in-house experts.
  3. Professional copywriting service for all your weekly promotional banners.
  4. Subscribe and Forget, as we handle everything after your subscription, so that you can focus on running your business, while we bring in your potential customers.
  5. In-house DJ’s with several years experience in music curation.


  1. Billions of users now daily listen to music online, as streaming is now the norm in music consumption. We capitalize on streaming platforms as a new marketing medium to reach your potential clients cheaply, efficiently and effectively.
  2. Exponentially increase your brand exposure online, with a very lean budget and a guaranteed positive return on investment (ROI).
  3. Receive infinite exposure on music/movie streaming platforms, with your marketing ad banners created by us. All our clout promo mixtape videos would remain permanently published, for your future potential customers to discover.
  4. Convenience & Focus: We allow you to focus on running your business, while we completely manage your weekly clout promo mixtape video campaigns, without you lifting a finger.
  5. We continuously create new marketing ad banners for your business as graphic slides, inserted into new promo mixtapes per month.
  6. One (1) promo mixtape video is published to music/movie streaming platforms per month, to promote your business, with high definition 8K marketing ad banners created for you. One (1) per per month.
  7. Utilize a new intelligent strategy to market your products/services to potential customers, using music/video sharing platforms, with an ultra-lean budget.
  8. Increase your chances of going viral with your business, when any of your several clout promo videos goes viral online.
  9. Get in-front of your potential customers daily, with a fixed lean budget.
  10. Use our professional marketing team, to copywrite all marketing materials we create for you.
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