How to Uncover an Actual Brand Name Personal Fragrance at Affordable Prices

If a discount brand name fragrance deal or sale is too good to be true, it probably is. Perfumes are one of the most counterfeited products in the world – with both imitation brands and counterfeit copies being sold by dubious retailers.

Instead of buying your favorite brand name fragrance from the seller with the lowest price, you should purchase from a retailer that you trust. To learn how to find great deals on perfumes without getting stuck with an imitation, keep reading.

Go to a Trusted Store

It may cost a little more, but buying your perfume from a major retailer is a great assurance that you’re not getting stuck with a counterfeit or imitation. The good news is these retailers often have sales, with most perfume counters offering a specific sale every quarter. Don’t be afraid to ask the counter person at your favorite perfume counter for the inside scoop on upcoming discounts or sales.

If you really want to be savvy, try signing up at your favorite retailer for text message or email alerts. Instead of constantly keeping an eye out for upcoming sales, they’ll come right to your inbox.

Buy From Well-Known Online Stores

There are thousands of online stores selling brand name perfume for cheap and yes, the majority of these aren’t selling the real deal. However, there are a few that provide quality, authentic products and at a pretty good discount. Remember, these stores have a minimal amount of overhead when compared to traditional stores, so their prices can be way lower.

For two sites that are both popular and reputable, try Perfume.Com in the United States or ThePerfumeShop.Com for UK buyers. 

The Duty-Free Store

There are major import taxes on luxury products like perfume – making it one of the few products that are actually heavily discounted at duty-free locations. So, if you’re planning to leave the country or know a friend who will soon be, be sure to check the price on your favorite perfume.

Avoid eBay

eBay is a great place to find amazing deals on a whole range of products, but unfortunately the site just isn’t good enough at catching and stopping counterfeiters. In early July 2008, eBay was actually ordered to pay a multi-million dollar fine because of their failure to stop perfume counterfeits selling on the popular site.

In short, if that great discount brand name fragrance deal makes you stop and think, it’s probably too good to be true. Remember, perfume is one of the most counterfeited substances in the world. SoPsychology Articles, stick to retailers you trust and avoid dubious online retailers.

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